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Closing the Door on Finger Injuries since 1996

Fingersafe is a door hinge guard that prevents  fingers from being pinched, crushed or amputated at the hinge area of doors. We are accepted nationally and internationally as a world leader in door safety. Fingersafe USA  is a family based business in Savannah, Georgia. We are here to assist you in understanding the importance of door safety and how to fully protect those in your care from the dangerous hinged end of doors. We know that when an accident occurs you need a quick response: All  colors and lengths are stocked and ready to ship UPS Ground every Monday and Wednesday.

MK1-A /Push Side

Designed for metal, wood and steel frames on interior or exterior doors. Allows a full 180 degree opening, then folds flat against the full length of the frame. Blends in with existing door hardware with black, white, brown, grey or almond.

Fingersafe Overview

Doors are dangerous! Risk management companies are requiring more eductational and health facilities to install fingerguards. Hinge guards are a simple way to eliminate liabilty and avoid an unexpected tragedy. 

MK1-B /Pull Side

This model was originally developed for the U.S. Government. It is secured to the door frame and outside edge of the door, forming a protective seal over the hinge pins.
These outside fingerguards can be installed in medical facilities or bathrooms as a privacy guard or an anti-ligature device.
 Installation Video
 Fingersafe products are stocked in white, brown, black, grey and almond in 80", 84" and 96" and can be custom cut for any door or gate.
--Constructed of high-quality PVC (UL V-O rated) with TPE hinges, UV and high impact resistant and easily cleaned with common household cleaners.  
- Complies with NFPA 252, UL l0B, UL 10C, ASTM E152, CAN4 S-104, UBC 7-2 (1997). 
Easy to Install
Made in the USA
4 Hour Fire Door Safe
Retrofitted for existng doors. Only basic DIY knowlegdge of tools and a standard power drill  is needed .
Fingersafe US A is a family run business based out of Savannah, Georgia. LEED rating system points available for Regional Materials  from the US Green Building Council.
UL listed and safe for any fire door, Fingersafe is designed for commercial use.  Applications include schools, restaurants, churches, factories, heathcare and eldercare. 
Installation Instructions
A sample of our customers shows our dedication to quality:
KinderCare Learning Centers 
Primrose Schools
The Learning Experience
Bright Horizons
Kaiser Permanente Hospital 


"We ordered the Fingersafe products after having a small child lose the tip of one of his fingers. We now have your products on every classroom door in our child care center. We love this product! The design is flawless and the safety this product provides is wonderful!  The protectors were easy to install and match our doors beautifully.  We had a quality committee encourage us to find a product such as this and are very pleased with our decision to go with Fingersafe USA.  Thank you for creating and providing such a great product to keep our children’s fingers safe!"
Tiffany Hardy | Director, Child Care Services | Memorial Health System | November 19, 2013
"A 20-month-old child lost the tip of his finger after getting it caught in the hinge-side of a large metal door. Multiple employees were working at the child care center and all children were well supervised at the time of the incident. As one employee began taking another child outside, the 20-month-old followed and was trapped by the door. Even though the door was equipped with a slowing mechanism, the child was unable to avoid injury. Several surgeries were required because the child’s bone continued to grow through the finger. Eventually, the entire nail was removed and the tip was amputated."

"Real Life Finger Injury" |  West Bend Insurance Group
"Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from door related injuries every year, according to the National Safety Council "Accident Facts".  These injuries range from the simply painful to the disfiguring. People lose fingers in the hinges of closing doors more often than you think.  A new device called FingerSafe® is an easy-to-install strip that covers the entire hinge area, so anything caught between the door and frame is pushed away".

"Hinge Safety" | Risk Management Magazine | January 1998

Door Safety Standards

"Finger-pinch protection devices should be installed wherever doors, cupboards/cabinets, and gates are accessible to children. These devices include:
Flexible plastic and rubber devices that cover the gap created at the front and rear hinge-sides of a door or gate when it is opened..."

"Caring for our Children-National Health & Safety Performance Standards"Guidelines for Early Care and Education Program| National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care (3nd Edition) | January 2002
"...Provide protection hardware for the hinge open area up to 1524mm (60 inches) minimum above finished floor at doors in children's activity rooms."

"Handbook on Child Development Centers" | Department of Defense | August 29, 1997