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Assess Your Door Safety & Achieve Total Pinch-Point Prevention

Did you know? A single door slam creates 40 tons of pressure. That can be a recipe for disaster for educational facilities, healthcare centers and more. Learn about what to look for in high-risk areas and how to prevent pinch-point injuries caused by unsafe doors at your business or in your home.
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High-Risk Areas to Consider

It’s no secret that doors are essential to our businesses’ security, environmental control, privacy and more. But many don’t consider how dangerous their doors can really be, so assessing your space’s high-risk areas is a proactive step toward achieving total pinch-point prevention at your business.

Perform your own risk assessment by evaluating common areas in your space that may be hazardous. These can include:

  • Bathroom doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Main entrances and exits
  • Playground and classroom doors (especially in areas where there are children 4 and under, as well as special-needs students)

To identify high risk doors in your facility download our Risk Assessment Sheet to see what options are available to meet your space’s door safety needs.

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What to Look for to Prevent Door-Related Injuries 

Door Hinges
Are they firmly installed? Is your door wobbly? Does your door open and close smoothly or with maximum effort? If it doesn’t open smoothly, this door may lead to an injury.
Door Closers
Ensure that any door closers are correctly adjusted so they pause for long enough for anything in the latch (doorknob) area to be removed quickly prior to that final slam.
Panic Bars
If your door is fitted with a panic bar and its ends are so close to the door jambs that they create pinch hazards when the door is closed, consider shortening/replacing the panic bar.
Door Handles
If the door handle may be easily opened by a young child, allowing them to leave the room unnoticed by their caregiver, consider replacing the handle or installing an alarm, such as a travel alarm, to sound if the door is opened.
Hinge Guards

When fitting door hinge guards, ensure that they allow the door to open to its fullest extent. Remember, some doors open to 180° and any hinge guard that doesn’t allow this will pull away from the door, leaving the finger-pinch hazard still exposed. Try to avoid hinge guards that use glue as the method of attachment. If the surfaces to which these are attached are not properly prepared, the hinge guards can easily become detached. Also many glues cannot stand up to the wide extremes of temperature that may be encountered in some geographic areas. Both the opening hinge side and the hinge pin side (where the hinges protrude), must be protected. Injuries at the hinge pin side do not just include amputations and crushings, but also head lacerations if the child should fall hitting his or her head on the protruding hinges.

Glass Doors

If there are glass doors in your space, ensure that the glass is shatterproof or of the wired glass variety. You’ll also want to ensure there is some warning visible on the glass to prevent somebody from walking straight into it, unaware that there is plain glass in front of them. Use vinyl window decoration (or children’s artwork for schools).

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Door Finger Guards

Already Using Fingersafe?

If your facility is already fitted with Fingersafe pinch-point prevention hinge guards, you should inspect them periodically to check for:

  • Wear and tear of accordion pieces: Are your accordion pieces firmly snapped into the fixing strips? If there is heavy traffic through any particular door, screw three or four screws through the fixing strip and accordion where they meet.
  • Cleaning: Ensure your hinge guards are not damaged or dirty. If they are, you can use any household cleaner. Please contact us at 888-346-4723 or email for replacement pricing.

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