Finger Pinch
Protector Guards for
Mental Health Centers

Finger Pinch Protector Guards for Mental Health Facilities 1

Are you a Mental Health Facility looking to reduce patient injury?

Patients struggling with mental illness are at high risk for a hinge side door injury. We know that these facilities have the added challenge of protecting those in their care from themselves, as well as others.

The Fingersafe MK-1B pull side fingerguard acts as an anti-ligature device for the exposed hinge pin in confined residences. Anti-ligature products prevent a patient from attaching anything that could inflict harm to themselves. Torx screws are an added security that may be used during install. Behavioral health centers have used Fingersafe fingerguards as a durable door safety product for the past 25 years. Owners may contact their insurance agent, broker or company and request a premium reduction as a result of having eliminated a source of liability.

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