Why You Should Buy Finger Guards for Schools

All schools should have finger guards to protect their students. Whether a child is curious or careless, trapping their finger between a door hinge can have devastating consequences. There is a simple solution these days: finger guards for schools.

The Risks to School Children of Door Finger Pinches

A scream. A rush of panic from teachers and a nightmare scenario where a child has either badly bruised their finger or worse, broken or amputated it.

If that makes you squirm, then good. It should. The American College of Emergency Physicians says that almost 75% of lost fingers from young children were caused by getting their fingers caught, crushed or jammed in doorways. It’s particularly common in pre-schools and elementary schools, but accidents are found at all ages.

Hand and finger injuries can be life-altering. They can cause life-long disabilities, scarring and PTSD.

How Do Door Finger Accidents Happen?

It happens fast and it’s glaringly obvious. The door opens, creating a wide gap on one side of the door. Here in the hinge opening is where many kids innocently place their little fingers – either by accident, through curiosity, or without thinking. We’ve even heard stories of kids being responsible by holding doors open for others, but accidentally placing their fingers where they shouldn’t.

Snap. The door closes and depending on the force, crushes the child’s finger in a horrific style.

The Risk to Schools of Door Finger Pinches

Aside from the traumatic experience for students and staff witnessing a finger get butchered, there are other serious consequences. Failures to pass health and safety tests can result in penalties, while being responsible for a child’s injury often results in legal fees or payouts of eye-watering figures.

79% of door finger injuries occur at school, with 85% occurring when someone (including a child) closes them. Don’t be the school that didn’t protect their children.

The Solution – Finger Guards for Schools

It’s simple. By buying finger guards for schools, you acquire a relatively inexpensive solution. That’s your responsibility.

A door finger guard covers up the dangerous gaps and pinch points with high-quality PVC that moves with the door. Fingersafe finger guards for schools utilize an accordion-like design that covers up the danger point and pushes any fingers away from the closing gap.

Best of all, you can fit them on either side of the door. Dutch doors or half doors can be protected by finger guards for school we also have  finger guards for exterior gates, Gate Safe.

How to Avoid Door Finger Accidents in Schools?

In the U.S. finger guards are recommended by childcare insurance groups to minimize hazards in doorways, you can take steps to ensure your school is safe for all children by:

Questions to Ask Before Installing Door Finger Guards for Schools

  • Which doors do children use?
  • Which other doors are children at risk of potentially being near?
  • Are there any utility closets or gates that all could be dangerous?
  • Grab a clipboard, print out the Risk Assesment Sheet and do a walkthrough asking these questions.


Get It Right First Time

There are no second chances when it comes to door pinching injuries. Ensure you buy the correct finger guard for schools and not an inadequate alternative that isn’t compliant with fire door ratings or child safety tests. Don’t let the “no screws” pitch fool you. Adhesives will deteriorate. Fingersafe® USA’s commercial finger guards for schools have been tested and with proper installation, will withstand years of wear and tear in the general classroom!

Buy Finger Guards for Schools

Fingersafe® USA, Inc. is the founder and leader of the original finger pinch guards for door hinges. We provide peace of mind for you, your teachers, and your school parents so that your doors will never crush any fingers. Installation is simple and easy. No expertise is required.

Don’t leave it to chance. Buy finger guards for schools today!

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