Child Proof your Doors at Home

Doors are Dangerous! New safety product for Ages 0-4

As a parent you want to do everything you can to prevent a needless injury. Do not overlook protecting the dangerous hinged end of your doors. Installing finger pinch protection devices only takes and few minutes and should be a priority on your child proof list. Children do not realize the dangers of a door “slam” until it is too late. As a parent, I immediately felt a sense of relief after my own children’s bedroom door was protected. When my girls had friends over playing who did not know the house rules I could show them our Fingersafe device and explain why “doors are dangerous”! We recommend that you child proof your doors as soon your children can crawl.

To fully child proof your doors, do a walk through every entryway your children have access to and note:

  • What are the top 3 areas where a child my rest their hand on a door frame where another person could shut the door or a draft could slam the door shut?
  • These are normally: the garage door entryway, bedroom, and playroom door.
  • Fingersafe HOME can be applied with adhesive supplied, or screws if you plan to raise it more than 40″ as your child grows.

All parents should also be educated on what to do incase of a finger amputation or injury. Clean, cover, and elevate! If there is an amputation do not put the finger on ice but have cool packs, gauze, a small cooler ready and know what to do incase an E.R. visit is necessary. We have heard first hand from several parents whose children could not have their finger attached due to the time delay in seeing a doctor or a portion of the finger being left at the injury site. An unexpected door slam is a sudden, dramatic event that catches everyone off guard. Any door outfitted correctly with Fingersafe guarantees that a hinge side injury can not occur but ALL doors must be protected.

Door safety prevention? Check! Door injury preparation? Check! Now relax while the kids play safe with Fingersafe!

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