Finger Injuries and First Aid

Finger Injuries and First AidIf your doors are not equipped with Fingersafe be ready for when an accident may occur.  We get calls from school directors who need fingerguards over-nighted due to an amputation or serious door related finger injury. Orthopedists do not like to see finger injuries on toddlers due to the numerous small bones and delicate nerve tissue.  Bone injuries and severe fingertip crushes can be challenging to reconstruct without future complications and disfigurement. Ask a manicurist how many times they have seen a permanently disfigured nail to a door slam!

In the event of a door injury know these tips:

If an amputation has occurred:

  • Clean the severed part with water or saline solution if available. Do not use ice.
  • In a waterproof baggie store the amputated part, seal and store in ice in a another baggie. Remember to take this bag to the ER, in a panic you may forget this step!

​If the fingertip or nail bed is injured:

  • Clean and cover with a bandage.
  • Administer ibuprofen if available for pain and swelling.
  • You may ice the area or soak in a bowl of ice water.
  • Elevate the hand to reduce swelling.
  • Examine the injury.  If there is extreme swelling, discoloration or disfigurement head to the E.R.​

For these and other detailed tips on nail bed injury visit Dr. Sears site: Finger Crush Injuries

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