First Time Installing Finger Guards?

First Time Installing Finger GuardsLast weekend we protected 36 doors at a Childcare Network in less than four hours! It can be intimidating at first, but anyone with a drill and a few DIY skills can fully protect the open hinge area on almost any door.  We wish we offered installation services nationwide, but any handyman can do this job. Here are our top tips!

  • Read the instructions.  Guys, we apologize, we just had to say that!
  • Pick a day when children will not be in the center, or nap time.
  • Have a door stop handy.
  • If you have metal doors or kick plates: Buy extra 3/32 drill bits and bit holder set! Bonus: Have 2 drills, one with the 3/32 bit attatched and one with a regular Phillips head. You will not have to change out bits and save time.
  • If you have panic bars or push bars: Craftsman Accu-Cut scissors work great for notching custom cuts on exterior and interior fingerguards.
  • Weather stripping? Remove it on the open hinge side only (or push side).  Don’t worry about lost insulation, Fingersafe acts a draft excluder.
  • Check, double check, and triple check for screws that may have rolled under furniture, below threshold then discard out of a child’s reach.
  • Fingersafe should fold flat against the frame if your install is correct, barely visible when closed.

Call us anytime if you have questions during installation!

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